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About FeedinWeb

FeedinWeb is a new web platform currently in beta, designed for informative writers passionate about sharing their knowledge with the world. It is a community of innovative writers who write articles to share with the world and build their professional profiles.

Here's what makes FeedinWeb unique:
  • Focus on Quality Content: We believe in empowering writers to create informative and engaging "feeds" (posts) across various categories.
  • Curated Community: Access to write on FeedinWeb is granted upon moderator approval, ensuring a high-quality content environment. Apply for access 👉🏻 Click Here.
  • Rich User Experience:
    • Interact and Engage: Like (Kudos!), comment, re-share (Re-feed), and favorite content you find valuable.
    • Journal Creation: Create your daily diary, and write everything you felt in your diary to express what you feel. (**Journals are encrypted and private always)
    • Build Your Online Presence: Create a user profile and personalize it with your feeds.
    • Follow & Discover: Follow interesting users and explore trending topics through dedicated tabs.
    • Search & Find: Utilize the search bar to find specific content across the platform.
    • Recognition System: Earn badges and Karma points for your contributions, reflecting your standing within the community. Learn more about badges 👉🏻 here.
    • Anonymous Posting: Publish your feeds anonymously if you prefer to keep your identity private while sharing valuable information.
Join the FeedinWeb Beta!

We're actively building and improving the platform based on user feedback. We invite you to join our beta community, share your knowledge, and help us shape the future of FeedinWeb
If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us at feedinweb@gmail.com

Note: This is a beta version of the platform. We are constantly working on adding new features and functionalities. You can offer any ideas or feedback you would want to aid with the platform's improvement by 👉🏻 clicking here